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– Cut through the Clutter of Online Marketing Speak

Create a Custom Plan For You That Will

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  • Help You Extract More Business From Existing Customers
  • Help You Generate More Revenue From Each Sale to Your Customer

– Be Your Chief Marketing Officer

  • So You Can Focus On Your Business
  • Not Worry About What You Need To Be Doing On Social Media or Google
  • Help You Generate More Revenue From Each Sale to Your Customer
  • Its All Laid Out Step By Step & is 100% Free so Start Today

Solutions Designed For Small Business Owners

Create A Feasible Online Marketing Plan

Exploit 30+ years of small business online marketing consulting to build a plan that gets results.

Access Cutting Edge Tools To Make It Happen

Accelerate your results using a suite of custom built in-house marketing tools.

Get Up To Date With What’s Possible

Discover how to grow your business through live trainings, case studies & demonstrations.

Leverage Step-By-Step Training Plans

Comprehensive ‘over-the-shoulder’ video tutorials make it easy to understand & implement growth initiatives

Latest News

email marketing for business

Email Marketing

social media for local

Social Media Management

Wonder what social media can do for your business. You been told that you can't sell anything on facebook right - Not so if you target your audience right & you have the right product with a great offer. Social media management is currently focused mainly on FaceBook and Twitter due to the amazing amount of market share these two properties enjoy....

local pay per click advertising

Advertise Your Business Using Pay Per Click

Wondering if Pay Per Click ( PPC ) advertising is worth it for your business ? Pay per click advertising management is the process of determining what search terms we want to have our ads show up for, writing and testing ads that have the most impact, and managing the bidding process (paid advertising rates are determined by real time auctions). Get an overview of what it is and how you should go about measuring it as a return of investment...

What Our Customers Are Saying

Now I understand why I was not getting any calls from my website. What a great resource and time saver netblaze is for me. Love the webinars that Steve gives – full of actionable content that is step-by-step. My advice – get this now !

These guys should be charging for this. Honestly this resource is great. I thought I knew enough about marketing my business online but now I know I don’t. Their training on email marketing has landed me some repeat business already which has been great for my bottom line

Netblaze has been a breath of fresh air for us. As a small business owner I was overwhelmed with all this online marketing stuff and what I had to do. Their training is great, easy to follow and the webinars make things easy to understand and implement. Great work guys and keep this information coming

As a result of netblaze we have gotten 2 new customers already. We just following their training on how to get found on google. Very easy to understand and best of all actionable stuff. Their tips on what to put on your website is what we were missing. I highly recommend this resource for sure