Email Marketing

Social Media Management

social media for local
Wonder what social media can do for your business. You been told that you can't sell anything on facebook right - Not so if you target your audience right & you have the right product with a great offer. Social media management is currently focused mainly on FaceBook and Twitter due to the amazing amount of market share these two properties enjoy....

Advertise Your Business Using Pay Per Click

local pay per click advertising
Wondering if Pay Per Click ( PPC ) advertising is worth it for your business ? Pay per click advertising management is the process of determining what search terms we want to have our ads show up for, writing and testing ads that have the most impact, and managing the bidding process (paid advertising rates are determined by real time auctions). Get an overview of what it is and how you should go about measuring it as a return of investment...

Google Places Optimization For Your Business

google places optimization
When a certain type of search phrases is entered into google, it can infer that people are looking for local businesses by understanding the business type and geographic location. For example, someone searching for “Raleigh nail salon” is clearly looking for a hair / nail salon to visit in Raleigh, North Carolina....

Search Engine Optimization

Local business search engine optimization
Search engine optimization consists of all the tactics, strategies and efforts to ensure that your website will show up in the top of Google when searchers look for one of your target phrases (and the research to determine exactly what the target phrases should be)