Information Overload – What Should you be Doing For Your Small Business

small business marketing info overload
With some many different places that you now supposedly need to be active online in order to engage your potential customers - isn't it any wonder that you as a small business owner might be suffering from information overload not alone trying to run your business. If this is you then be sure to read this

Lets Talk Social For Small Business

social media small business
As a Small business owner you probably aware that you need to “get on FaceBook” or risk being left out in the cold! But, what does that really mean? Is FaceBook an effective means of getting new customers ? . Is simply having a FaceBook page enough ? or what should you be doing with these...

The Evolution of Online Marketing for Small Business Owners

Over the past 15 years marketing your business to your potential customers has become much more difficult. It used to be easy - put an ad in the yellow pages and maybe in your local paper or radio station. Now there is so much more to contend with...

The Must Have Marketing Plan For Small Business Owners

small business marketing plan
This short video breakdown the 8 step marketing plan ( phase 1 ) that every small business should implement to be able to compete in today's " online marketing jungle "

online competition small business
As a small business owner, you’re probably being kept up at night thinking…I KNOW there’s more I should be doing to market my business online. I’m quite certain you’re correct. But, we can help. It used to be EASY. The biggest decision was what kind of yellow page ad to invest in. Now, thereare SO many things to consider that it’s easy to become paralyzed.