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His developer said our ideas wouldn't work.

His developer was wrong.

The day Rex became a customer, he had been paying a web developer for six months. His developer had optimized his website for national SEO which we told him was no good because he can only make money off local traffic.

We made some suggestions but his developer said our ideas would have little impact. Yet two days later, Rex was on page one for his main keyword phrase.

Less Learning, More Earning

Netblaze can get you the online marketing results you're looking for without the learning curve. It watches over your entire web presence, detects any issues you're having, and displays content on how to fix those issues fast. It's never been easier to put yourself on the map, show up in more local search results, and get more customers walking through your doors.

  • Just type your details into Netblaze and it will guide you over the obstacles of marketing online by creating a plan and showing you exactly what needs to be done to get more business

  • Netblaze builds your company a to do list of tasks and supplies instructions for each one that can be done in minutes. You can do the tasks yourself or send them to someone else so you can stay focused on running your business

"It's very intuitive and easy to use"

local business owner"The Netblaze software is very intuitive and easy to use. It's nice to know I have someone in the background checking that I’m not making major mistakes for SEO and citations.

As a small business owner, I wear so many hats, and it is so easy for the technical stuff to slip through the cracks while I’m busy paying attention to something else.

I love that Netblaze is working on my citations with just a click!

I’m loving having the reminders to post to Facebook on a regular basis.

My favorite part is the content research tool, which has made it so easy to find good content that will interest my audience."

- Ashley Flores LAc, Four Flowers Wellness

From Mystery To Mastery

With Netblaze you finally have the time and ability to get the results you've always wanted. Instead of wondering what to do, just log into Netblaze. We have completely removed the mystery from online marketing.

  • Each tool takes on the role of a unique marketing job

    So Netblaze is like instantly adding a Digital Marketing Director, Web Developer, SEO Specialist, Keyword Analyst, Online Reputation Manager, Content Coordinator, and Social Media Manager to your staff without being a burden to your budget

  • You stay in control of your entire web presence from one dashboard

    From one place, you can keep a constant watch over everything that affects your business online

"Everything is all there"

"Being a small-business owner, I have been able to manage all aspects of keeping my company viable.

The one area lacking has always been its presence on the web.

Along came Netblaze which is helping me add, fix and correct everything that I was doing wrong while I was busy doing everything else.

The Netblaze team is fantastic with communication, creativity and speed, helping me understand the ins and outs of social marketing.

With Netblaze, everything is all there – I don't have to go to ten different sites to obtain all of the info.

The site makes it possible to find out what’s missing and what we need to do and then see ways to do them within Netblaze, which is perfect for a busy person like me."

- Debby Kotzen, NV Talent Agency

A One Stop Shop
For Mom And Pop Shops

Why keep wasting time, effort, and money on marketing that doesn't work? Netblaze delivers many of the benefits of hiring an agency at a tiny fraction of the cost. Our features put you in control, giving you virtually everything you need to stay connected to your customers, get found by new ones, and increase your revenue.

Type your details into Netblaze and within seconds it will be…

  • Auditing your website for weaknesses

    Looking for any technical issues and SEO weak spots, finding every possible way to optimize performance, boost page speed, and be more friendly to mobile devices like phones and tablets

  • Tracking how you rank for keywords

    Making sure you show up when people near you search for your kind of business, showing you everything you can do to rank higher in all the search engines

  • Scanning your listings on online directories

    Ensuring your name, address, and phone number are always correct and pointing potential customers to the right place

  • Informing you when and where people are talking about you

    Letting you know if customers leave reviews about you anywhere online, giving you the heads-up you need to build or rescue your reputation

  • Monitoring your Facebook page

    Helping you manage your pages and posts so you can stand out on social media, getting you noticed by the influencers in your industry, enabling you to get the word out about your business faster and easier than ever before

  • Finding content you can share everyday

    Supplying you with viral content, research, and ideas you can share on social media or curate or use for inspiration. Plus more features are in development…

No more contracts! No more confusion!

Our customers see results in as little as one to three weeks. Within one week, we helped a Chicago talent agency get to page one in local search results. Within one week, we helped a private caterer get more phone calls. Join now and see what Netblaze can do for you. We release new features every two weeks and we expect our price may rise by 50% at any time. Join now and you'll be locked in at this low price forever. Plus, you're not risking a penny to get started now.

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For local business owners in the U.S.A. only. Now you can control your online marketing from one dashboard and have unlimited access to everything you need to put yourself on the map, appear in more local search results, and get more customers from the Internet into your local business.

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Why Your First Month Is 100% Risk-Free

Your first month is absolutely risk free because of our 30-day money back guarantee, so you’ll love Netblaze and see the value within the first thirty days or you can get a full refund for every penny, no questions asked. After your first month, you may still cancel at any time and for any reason.

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  • Discover why you never need to wonder or worry about your online marketing ever again

    From now on, instead of wondering what to do, you’ll be logging into Netblaze, and instead of figuring it out yourself, Netblaze will show you exactly what to do. Netblaze detects issues you’re having and displays content on how to fix them fast. You are about to drastically reduce the time you spend on online marketing.

  • How to get found by people in your city searching for your business online

    Local SEO, online business directories, and content are all keys to appearing in local search results, and Netblaze helps you handle them all. Our users see results in as little as one to three weeks from the time they start using Netblaze. Find out why by joining our email list now.

  • The easy way to market your local business online

    There’s nothing else like Netblaze, so subscribe now and find out more about how we can help you get more business online.

Find Out How You Can Save Time And Get More Customers Online Without Breaking The Bank

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