4 Reasons Realtors Need a Blog

Mobile devices are in nearly every hand, and people are spending more time on social media than ever before. Old one-size-fits-all marketing methods like print ads and television commercials are all but obsolete.

The traditional advertising that has long been a staple of real estate is no exception. Today’s consumers don’t want brochures, magnets, and pens. They are looking to engage with you, and they expect high-quality content that is relevant and meaningful to their personal experience.
Content marketing covers a range of communications, from videos and social media posts to blogs. As long as it delivers value, your target audience will connect and respond. From building a client list to generating leads and closing sales,an effective and well executed content marketing strategy is indispensable – that’s where your company’s blog comes in.

A good blog builds your sales funnel by offering helpful, actionable information for people at all stages of the buying process. It gives you an opportunity to build loyal relationships, so you will be top-of-mind when your readers are ready to make a move.

Here are four benefits that blogging can deliver for your real estate business:

Get Noticed by Search Engines
As you learn more about content marketing, you will hear the term SEO again and again. This stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, consumers are unlikely to look past the first page of search results, so its important to get your name on top when potential clients type relevant keywords into their favorite search engine.

Exactly how you get on top in search results is something of a mystery. The algorithms change constantly, and they arenever published. However, it is quite clear that search engines love content that is new, relevant to the search term, and good enough to keep visitors on the page until the end. A well-written blog fits all three of those criteria, which means more visibility for you.

Build Relationships
For better or worse, the digital revolution leveled the marketing playing field between long-established agencies and relative newcomers to the industry. While your reputation is still critical to attracting and retaining clients, you have to build it differently.

Potential real estate buyers and sellers want a relationship with you before they consider signing a contract, and their first attempt will be through your online presence. If you publish a blog, your audience gets sense of your personalityand style, and they come to see you as a trusted advisor. Even better, if you allow comments and questions on yourblog, and you respond to each thoughtfully, you can count on your readers turning to you first when they need theservices of a realtor.

Show Off Your Expertise
Buying and selling real estate is exceptionally complex, and most people only do it a few times in their lives. Generally, a property purchase is the largest financial transaction your clients have ever or will ever make. They are counting on you, their realtor, to guide them through the process, and there is no better way to establish yourself as an expert than through a blog.

With regular posts, you can offer your audience bite-sized bits of information on important real estate topics, showing you know your business and you are ready to provide direction and support for your clients.

Grow Your Business
As you know, referrals are a great way to get new business, and you can still count on clients sharing their experience with friends and family through casual conversation. However, in the digital era, word-of-mouth can be much bigger than an occasional mention over the dinner table. Your clients have hundreds – if not thousands – of connections on social media.

When you write high-quality blog posts, you create opportunities for sharing on social media. Every time a reader includes your blog in their own post, you touch a larger audience. Your message and your brand are amplified without any additional effort on your part.

If you are not quite sure how to get started, don’t worry. The experts at NetBlaze are ready to help. We are a marketing company that understands the unique challenges you face, and we offer a comprehensive suite of content marketing solutions to expand your online presence quickly and easily.