5 Killer Salon Marketing Tips

5 Killer Salon Marketing Tips

Beauty and self-care are huge industries right now, drawing customers of all types and ages. Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and your salon can help them get there. Beauty is hot, but so is your competition, so you need to do some creative marketing to maintain and expand your customer base. Sound complicated? It isn’t. You can take some simple and affordable steps right now that will bring in more business and increase your profit margin.

Build a Selfie Station

Undoubtedly, you use the internet to market your business, but you can get more social media exposure if you create a selfie station in your salon. Simply reserve a small space that has your logo on the wall and contains a few products you want to highlight. Let your clients pose there for a selfie to show off their new looks. Encourage them to post it everywhere. After all, free advertising featuring happy clients can’t lose.

Offer a Lunchtime Salon Special

Choose several services that can comfortably be completed in approximately 40 minutes, such as a cut, massage, manicure, etc., and then advertise it via social media and through flyers left in local businesses. Make the price attractive and provide a few refreshments. You can easily offer this special through the NetBlaze email/texting platform. People need a break during the stressful workweek, and you can provide it. Everyone benefits.

Invest in Online Booking Software

You can find various programs that allow your clients to book appointments from home 24/7. So many people live busy lives that they often forget to call in during the day to set up their next visit. With this software, they can reserve an appointment right before bed or in the middle of the night if they wish. This means your clients will no longer miss their one-month or six-week appointments, and you’ll see more money.

Embrace Yelp

Some salon owners are a tad afraid of Yelp. One unhappy customer can drive down your rating. But the rewards far outweigh the negatives, particularly since many millennials routinely check Yelp before they try a new salon. The required maintenance isn’t time-consuming, and you can easily respond to customer reviews and add discount opportunities for those who check in at your salon.

Use Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to post before and after pics of your customers, but you can go beyond photos. Consider doing some how-to videos of hair extensions or coloring processes to showcase your staff’s skill. Most clients are happy to sign on for these efforts and should be encouraged to share the pics and videos on their own social media pages.

Salons are particularly well-suited for social media efforts. Happy customers are thrilled for others to see their new hair, nails and makeup. You can also use social media to offer special discounts and highlight your superstar stylists. But you need to go beyond these efforts and make it easier for your clients to book appointments as well. Many advanced software programs exist that let people make their own bookings when they wish. You can even try a mobile app for your business that doesn’t require a computer science degree to create.

Take the time to look over new marketing ideas every month and try the ones that make sense to you. When you run a salon, you need to stay on trend in everything.