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5 Ways on How to Increase Site Visits Without Paying for Traffic

5 Ways on How to Increase Site Visits Without Paying for Traffic

A company’s website is the face of your brand which makes a great first impression. Your website should provide company information, answer frequently asked questions, and close sales. None of these can be achieved when you do not have enough traffic on your website. This can be challenging if you just recently launched a website.

Here are some marketing hacks that can help drive traffic to your website.

1. Start a blog

Starting an awesome blog doesn’t mean only updating your blog to push your products or services. An entertaining blog attracts traffic. It must be interesting, valuable, and useful to your target audience. 

Content ideas include: case studies involving your customers in infographics, life hacks that you can do with your products/services, providing a sneak peek behind-the-scenes look of your brand, or how-to instructional guides on your products/services.

2. Up both your online and offline visibility game

Aside from creating and sharing content on your blog, you also need to get your blog noticed. You can start writing guest blog posts, answering responses on Quora or HARO, or a guest appearance on influencer podcasts or webinars. You can also do offline opportunities like speaking at events, sponsoring Meetups, or teaching a class at a local college.

Don’t forget to include some old school tactics like getting listed on review sites, online directories, and link acquisition.

It’s a tedious job but this will get you a new audience to discover your website without spending money on advertising. You are only investing time creating content and tapping into your audience.

3. Give away freebies

You can host a launch contest or giveaway. This is a tried and tested strategy to boost traffic and obtain new subscribers. Keep your mechanics easy and simple so a lot of people can join. Just make sure you reviewed the contest rules.

If you happen to be speaking at an event or conference, you can give out freebies. Make sure your freebie is memorable and relevant to your brand. 

Giving away something for free entices people to visit your website. It also encourages them to share this content in their feed which means even more visitors.

4. Join online groups

Be as active as possible in online groups that are relevant to your business and community. If you are a mechanic then you would want to build your online presence on sites like Popular Mechanics, Autoblog, and Jalopnik. It wouldn’t make sense to be active in online communities devoted to tourism, medicine, or cooking.

You can start building your online presence by leaving comments on social media posts. You can also answer questions that other users have posted, or participate in conversations regarding your industry.

Online engagement gets you more exposure and profile visits. Make sure your social media profiles contain a link to your website, then turn your engagement into a way to drive more traffic to your website.

5. Launch a new product or service (and notify existing customers)

Do you recall how Elon Musk and his Boring Company announced that they would be selling a flamethrower? They got a very wide audience talking about their flamethrower.

A great example of the way you introduce a new product or service can generate buzz. If you get your audience’s attention, people will naturally visit your website to see what all the buzz is all about.

Make sure that the product or service you are offering addresses your target market’s needs. It doesn’t need to be a flamethrower, but it’s a surefire way to get people to start discussing your brand.

These marketing hacks, if executed creatively, should be able to attract traffic without advertising costs.

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