6 Simple Steps to Clean Up Your Online Presence

Spring is right around the corner and it’s time for some Spring cleaning, Including your social media accounts! You might be asking yourself, “why should I bother cleaning up my social media?” Just like decluttering your closets or cabinets, cleaning out your social media allows you to see what you already have and what your social media could use! 

Why should you bother cleaning up your online presence in the first place? Here’s why! When your customers are searching for a local business like yours, they’re looking for engaging and up-to-date information. They want to see updated social media profiles that can help them understand your business’s products or services. They also want to be able to easily visit your website, check out your business hours, and have the ability to reach out to you with any questions.

Here are 6 steps that we think are important when Spring Cleaning your Social Media accounts:

  1. Google your business.
  2. Claim your pages.
  3. Update your information.
  4. Update your cover photos and profile photos.
  5. Refresh your social media content calendar.
  6. Clean out your social media inboxes.

The first step is to Google your business. By Googling your business you can see what your customers are seeing. It’s a great way to see your Google Reviews and to also see if a customer has left a Yelp or Facebook review for your business. Your business name should always clearly appear and be the same on every social media page. This keeps your brands’ presence consistent, and ensures that your customers aren’t confused when they look up your business, it also helps with brand awareness! Keeping up with your brands’ online presence is a great way to keep up to date with current and potential customers and also help you with knowing which social media platforms need cleaning out!

The second step of cleaning up your online presence would be to make sure to  claim your business pages, if you haven’t already done so. You might see unclaimed pages for your business on platforms such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google. Claiming these pages can help you protect your online reputation by allowing you to respond to reviews and engage with current and potential clients.

After steps 1 and 2 it’s now it’s time to update your business information! For instance, if your Facebook page has a different contact phone number then the one on your Instagram page, it can confuse potential customers and in turn, make them doubt the authenticity of your business. Make sure your hours, menu, address, phone number and other information are updated and correct on all of your social media platforms. This keeps your business details consistent and in turn, creates trust! 

Now to the fun part!  Once you’ve updated your business information, it’s beneficial to update and change your profile pictures and cover photos as well. It’s always a good idea to keep your logo in your profile picture on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but revamping the photo itself can’t hurt! Updating your photos,  keeps your brand up to date and lets your followers know you’re keeping up with current trends on social media. Doing small things like refreshing your bio and uploading new photos of your products can also draw attention to your brand. Your followers want to see activity on your page and knowing that you’re keeping things up to date can turn them from potential clients to current ones!

Step 5 is to take a look at your content calendar. It’s important to take a look at your analytics and take note of which posts did well and which ones did not. Doing this allows you to create a successful content marketing strategy going forward and gives you an insight into what sort of posts to create, and what to avoid. It’s also a good idea to change up your content strategy a little bit and try new things such as posting a poll or question, posting a behind the scenes photo, and changing up your hashtags which will give your posts renewed visibility.

Changing up your content will most likely grab your current followers’ attention and encourage new followers as well. 

Lastly, you should take the time to clean out your inboxes. What do we mean by this? Delete spam, unwanted messages, and old messages that are over a year old. This frees up space for potential and current clients to be able to message you with questions, concerns, and feedback and you can get back to them promptly. This also allows you to see the messages you haven’t responded to and might have missed. 

All in all, cleaning up your social media has tons of benefits to your online presence. By cleaning your inbox out, googling your business, reviewing your content calendar, and keeping your social media pages up to date, you are improving your brand awareness and making the most of your online presence. In this day and age, people usually turn to the internet, specifically a businesses social media channel,  before deciding on which business to engage with. By Cleaning up your social media you’re showing potential and current clients that you are a trustworthy and quality brand that takes pride in keeping their online presence up to date!