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7 Ingredients for a Successful Blog Post

In a recent article, we looked how blogging is the key to increasing your small business’ online presence. In this article, we showed that blogging is a great way to both boost your SEO and boost your customer engagement.

After reading this article, maybe you’ve come to the point that you’re convinced that it’s time to start an online blog for your small business, but you aren’t sure exactly where to begin. In this article, we’ll look at what makes a blog post successful and what makes a blog compelling enough for your customers to want to engage.

Here are the 7 ingredients to help you have a successful blog for your small business:

1. Attractive Headline

A blog headline must indicate what your blog entry is all about. It must be attractive enough to attract readers. 

Adding emotional words to your blog headline will give it the added magnetism required. Sometimes, the information you’re offering will be enough of a draw. Even if you are presenting great content, liven up your headline with a word or two that will grab readers’ attention. Make it stand out.

2. Start with a Compelling Lead

The first sentence or short paragraph of your blog must be compelling enough for visitors to read the rest of your content. Build up your story but don’t take forever to get to the point so that readers will want to know more about the information you are sharing. They will appreciate it once they understand your ideas.

3. Use subheads (H2 and H3 Headline elements)

Subheads are important for 3 reasons: they make the page more visually appealing, help readers navigate to important sections, and boost your SEO. 

Plus, once readers finish reading your article, they may want to jump back and go over a point; subheads should help this.

4. Engaging Body Content

The “meat” of your blog post is the body. This is the part where you can write about anything—from random musings to an interesting story about what happened to you on the way to work yesterday. 

To generate more hits, you can include a sufficient number of keywords into the body of your post but not too much to look like keyword-stuffing. According to recent experience and research, keyword usage is far less important to Google nowadays. Google’s algorithm is smart enough to understand what you are writing about and would index your articles properly for searches.

5. “Cheese Free” Graphics

The use of good graphics in your blog posts to illustrate points makes your content visually pleasing. Google measures the time spent on your pages. Your graphics, typography, and color scheme should complement each other to encourage readers to stick around. 

Not sure where to start with developing great graphics for your blog? Free phone applications like Canva, Over, and Adobe Spark provide templates and design styles to help get you started!

When you put a graphic on your website, make sure you name the image properly and include an “Alt Title” for the image so that your page has a better opportunity to be rewarded by search engines.

6. Include Internal Links to Other Blog Posts or Pages on Your Website

Getting people to stick around and explore your website is one of your main goals. Including internal links are good for your SEO. It will increase the number of pages per visit on your site. Make sure that the link you include is relevant to their visit.

7. Good Meta Description

The snippet Google displays in the search results is called a meta description. If not maximized, Google will grab the first sentence or two from your blog post. However, this may not always be the best way for your article to appear in search results.

Spend time creating good content for your website. Good blog posts have long life spans, your extra effort will go a long way.

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