Savanna Schulatz

Savanna is a Chicago native, who spent the last five years traveling around the world. She enjoys hunting for vintage treasures, yoga, and watching sitcoms. When she's not going on adventures she cuddles with her perfect pup, Louise May Montgomery.

5 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Competitors on Social Media

Following your competitors on social media gives you the insights and the right tools to keep up with the trend. Especially if you are in the same industry or niche, some competitors have a different way of positioning their products and services on the market that might and might not work for your brand. Track …

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Blogging and Real Estate

4 Reasons All Realtors Should Blog Mobile devices are in nearly every hand, and people are spending more time on social media than ever before. Old one-size-fits-all marketing methods like print ads and television commercials are all but obsolete. The traditional advertising that has long been a staple of real estate is no exception. Today’s …

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The Chatbot Takeover

How Small Businesses Can Use Chatbots Chatbots are taking over in the world of business. These chatty software applications carry on conversations that mimic human speech, tone, and intelligence with the power of artificial intelligence. Chatbots provide big benefits for businesses, including growing your business, increasing engagement, answering questions, and influencing decisions. They’re in demand, …

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Content is King

In this article, we’ll look at why your content marketing strategy is so important to your business. No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “content is king”. Why? Because the content you provide to your customers will be at the core of your marketing plan because that’s what builds credibility and loyalty. As a small business …

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