The Youth Are Taking Over… Millennials and Gen Zers have made some drastic changes in our work environment over the last decade or so. Before these generations entered the workforce there were no cereal bars or ping pong tables. You weren’t able to have Happy Hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays or even flex hours.…

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Mobile devices are in nearly every hand, and people are spending more time on social media than ever before. Old one-size-fits-all marketing methods like print ads and television commercials are all but obsolete. The traditional advertising that has long been a staple of real estate is no exception. Today’s consumers don’t want brochures, magnets, and…

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Chatbots are taking over in the world of business. These chatty software applications carry on conversations that mimic human speech, tone and intelligence with the power of artificial intelligence. Chatbots provide big benefits for businesses, including growing your business, increasing engagement, answering questions, and influencing decisions. They’re in demand, too. Research indicates chatbot demand is…

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Pinterest’s New Marketing Tools Pinterest began life as a social site where users could collect and share images of things they loved or wanted. Today, though, Pinterest is a visual search engine that’s second only to Google – a blend of social media, ecommerce and SEO features that boasts around 250 million users worldwide. And…

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Most businesses need to build a general set of skills related to sales and marketing to acquire and retain customers. After looking at a short list of habits that actually work regarding customer influence, there are really just a few simple ways that small businesses are able

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Every business has an accounting department, although its size may vary. This function was often only done because of tax, payroll and other formal obligations. With integrated software and technology solutions, this is no longer the case. New trends have opened the way to new opportunities.

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5 Killer Salon Marketing Tips Beauty and self-care are huge industries right now, drawing customers of all types and ages. Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and your salon can help them get there. Beauty is hot, but so is your competition, so you need to do some creative marketing to maintain and…

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Seventy-three percent of small businesses now invest in social media marketing, which sounds great on paper. But this means 27 percent of small businesses don’t.

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When you own or manage a small business, there is a lot going on in everyday business life. With frequent distractions, it can be a challenge for you and your team to get the necessary work done and balance priorities. You may feel like most of your days fly by and you’re left feeling unproductive…

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If you haven’t started asking your customers for reviews or need to increase the number of reviews received, here are some tips to help you along. Keep in mind that you should aim for more online reviews than your competitors!

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Why Your Business’ Online Reputation Is So Important? Whether you realize it or not, there is a strong likelihood that your small business already has an online reputation. Chances are that at least one former customer has taken to social media or used one of the online review board to share their opinion of your…

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Why Marketing Localization Matters in 2019 Forget everything you’ve been told about how technology is making the world smaller. Or about how we are living in a globalized world. When it comes to marketing your business, localization matters. Research shows that consumers want local content that matters to them, not generic content that comes from…

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Including Key Components on Your Business Facebook Page As a small business owner, you know that you need to embrace social media and other digital marketing. So you have probably done your duty and put together a business Facebook page. You may be disappointed with your efforts and the lack of increased revenue. If you…

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4 Key Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses in 2019 You might be running a small business, but that doesn’t mean you have to think small when creating your email marketing campaigns. Success in business is no longer about dollar spend, but more about the smart use of technology and marketing techniques. With a few…


Small Businesses used to solely rely on word-of-mouth for business success. Today, the word-of-mouth concept is a bit different and has changed with the times.


Small businesses always face unique challenges that larger ones rarely have to think about. Throughout my entire career I’ve always


By now, most small business owners are well aware that using the social media can be crucial for getting your message out to the masses,


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