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Email Marketing

Social media management is currently focused mainly on FaceBook and Twitter due to the amazing amount of market share these two properties enjoy.

An automated, but personalized set of emails can be sent to potential leads that convert them into actual leads on auto pilot. For example, if you’re a home remodeler you could create a campaign where you offer people a free report on the different home upgrades you could make and how much they could potentially increase the value of their home.

Potential leads would get this report by signing up to your mailing list. The software that controls the list, can automatically send out personalized emails over any period of time further communicating and selling to that potential lead until they actually call in to get make an appointment.

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In addition, eMail marketing can be used in a similar way as social media management. You can send out regular communications, newsletters and promotions to keep existing customers and to bring in more revenue.


  • Develop a plan on how best to use an email list for your business

  • Develop a plan to get people to sign up for your list

  • Develop a sales funnel of eMail communications that will convert potential leads to leads (if appropriate for your business)

  • Develop regular content (1-2x per week) that will be sent out monthly to your eMail list – a monthly newsletter

  • Use innovative methods to periodically (1x per month or so) engage your list in actual direct sales through promotions, coupons, special offers etc



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The first thing to be decided on must be the usage of eMail marketing. Typically only certain types of businesses lend themselves to lead generation through eMail marketing. For example, a real estate agent may get a lead from someone out of state who was interested in a school report of the local area that they’re considering moving to.

A potential lead like that is perfect for the follow up/automated type of eMail marketing that converts potential leads into actual ones. Conversely, a restaurant would probably not be a good candidate for this type of marketing. Of course, ANY type of business can benefit from the other method of eMail marketing.

A plan must be developed to get your customer base (and potential customer base) to sign up for your email list. Usually two different plans are needed for each of the ways you may end up using that list

Software and services need to be set up to automate the process of signing people up on the email list, sending out the automated emails (even for just the “communication” option, the first newsletter or a welcome email needs to automatically be sent) and managing the compliance and other legal issues to watch out for when eMail marketing


  • New customers – Certainly, using eMail marketing as a tool to convert potential leads to actual ones can be a key strategy to getting new customers for certain small businesses

  • Keep existing customers – Like social media marketing, this is a strong suit of eMail marketing. The strategy here is to get people to be in your “club” or group. Consequently, your business, products and services are often on their minds. When it does come time for them to be a buyer again, they’re more likely to stay with your company.

  • Increase revenue from each sale – You have excellent access to your customer base to promote sales, coupons, and other news that will increase revenue.