Small Business Hashtags to Increase Sales

How to Use Hashtags to Increase Sales for Your Small Business.

Social technology expert and web marketing specialist, Chris Messina, is credited to have come up with the very first hashtag on Twitter. He walked into the Twitter’s offices on August 23, 2007 with an idea to use the pound symbol (i.e. hashtag) to group related Tweets together due to the platform’s brevity. His first hashtag is #barcamp.

Social media plays an important role in driving huge traffic to your website, thus increasing your sales. Posting with a hashtag builds your brand and reaches more users among your target audience.

Here are the reasons why you should use hashtags for your small business:

1. Hashtags Build Brand Opportunity

Sometimes a brand’s hashtag involves your brand name, their brand campaign and tagline. Hashtags are also used to encourage your customers and followers to use it if you have an online contest or company event.

One of the more successful hashtag campaigns was Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins. This campaign expanded their social media presence and generated brand engagement by asking their followers to share photos of them in their Calvins. The results speak for themselves.

2. Hashtags Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement with Your Followers

Start a brand campaign using relevant and specific hashtags that are unique to the brand. Encourage followers to use the given hashtag every time they tweet or post a photo on their social media handles. This will help you monitor the traction. Don’t use too many words together. The best hashtags are relatively short and easy to remember. 

Coca-Cola redesigned their bottle and put names on their labels as a campaign. Coke fans found their names and their friends on the Coca-Cola bottle label and started sharing their photos online with the hashtag #ShareACoke.

Hashtags increase sales for small businesses - Share a Coke
Photo by Hanbo Wang from Pexels

3. Hashtags Show Support for Social Issues

Current events and social issues usually have a hashtag. This also adds context to your social media post. If a topic is too controversial, it will show on Twitter which social issues are trending.

In 2017, the Worldwide Breast Cancer organization launched #KnowYourLemons campaign for breast cancer awareness. It was a catchy concept that went viral and it educated women about breast cancer information.

4. Hashtags Help Your Target Audience Find You

Don’t use hashtags that are too vague, it will be hard to find and it won’t likely be used by other social media users. Including hashtags in your tweets or posts means you are taking part in a conversation happening in social media. Make sure your accounts are public so that your hashtagged content will be seen by non-followers.

How many hashtags must be used in your social media post?

Instagram10 (but you can do up to 30)

Hashtags are proven to up your engagement and increase your organic reach. Use hashtags to strengthen your brand today!

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