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The Must Have Marketing Plan For Small Business Owners

The Marketing Plan For Small Business Owners – 2016

I am sure you have herd this saying many times before – ” If you fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail “.  Yes we all know this yet so many small businesses out there don’t have an actionable marketing plan that they can implement.  Well – we don’t want this to happen to you or your business so be sure to check out the video below we have that outlines the must have plan for small business owners for 2016.

Now this marketing plan deals mainly with phase 1 and we would argue that this is not only applicable to new businesses but applies to well established local or small businesses too.

This is the first “big chunk ” you need to bit off in order to successfully marketing your business online in 2016. And like we have mentioned in another article – this fits right in with the 80 / 20 methodology which small businesses need to adopt to get maximum ” bang for their buck ”

This video is short and to the point –


The Netblaze Team