“More and More People are Calling…”

Naomi Levine owns City Epicurean Events in Chicago and never got results with online marketing, until recently.

She despises digital marketing, being sucked into time-wasting activities and getting no return. She said, “It’s not my skill set and we are not going to pay an agency or a publicist.” She gets spam calls and emails from them all the time.

Naomi has built a good brand and product, but her company wants more business from the Internet. “I know something’s not right but I don’t know how to get what I want. We are not getting enough engagement, web hits, or growth. I need a software to help.” So she signed up for Netblaze.

Right away, Netblaze revealed a one star Google review Naomi didn’t know about. Turns out, it wasn’t from a customer but an old acquaintance with a personal ax to grind. She got the negative review removed and said, “Now I know how to handle fake reviews and the immediate effect was more and more people are calling,” and you won’t believe what happened next.

She was emailed by a casting agency on behalf of The Food Network to see if she was interested in helping them with one of their tv shows. She said, “No one has ever just found our website and this guy literally searched and found us. This is the first time we’ve been found online.”

Then another local business in Chicago found and reached out to Naomi. They share the same kind of customer but sell a different service. Naomi and this other business owner made an agreement to cross promote each other multiple times per year and the first event is in the works.

Naomi’s only been using Netblaze for a few weeks. She says, “Netblaze has increased our website’s profile and generated some business already. We are getting a lot of visitors for a boutique brand that isn’t spending money on advertising. I wish I had met Netblaze ten years ago! It has rejuvenated my passions and has brought me up to speed since selling my first brand. I was in a rut and it came at the right time.”