Imagery and Social Media

Why is imagery important to your social media? Each platform has a different and unique aspect that could help grow your business. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed are geared towards professionals. Other platforms like Instagram and Facebook are good for promoting products and educating the public. Apps such as Twitter, are mainly used for …

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How Small Businesses Can Use Chat Bots

Chatbots are taking over in the world of business. These chatty software applications carry on conversations that mimic human speech, tone and intelligence with the power of artificial intelligence. Chatbots provide big benefits for businesses, including growing your business, increasing engagement, answering questions, and influencing decisions. They’re in demand, too. Research indicates chatbot demand is …

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New Trends In Accounting Technology

Every business has an accounting department, although its size may vary. This function was often only done because of tax, payroll and other formal obligations. With integrated software and technology solutions, this is no longer the case. New trends have opened the way to new opportunities.