How does your SEO (search engine optimization) services work?

In addition to identifying and providing you suggestions for your website SEO, with our Flare and Inferno packages, NetBlaze will continuously develop off site SEO content for your business (citations, blog posts, press releases, etc.) every month that links back to your company’s website helping increase the likelihood of your website ranking higher in search results for the keywords set up in your account.

How does your social media offering work?

With our Spark and Flare packages, you will have access to our social media management platform that will make it easy for you to find, create and schedule social media content on Facebook and Twitter (LinkedIn & Instagram coming soon). With our Inferno package, in addition we will create and publish social media content 3x per week to your social channels.

How does your online review feature work?

Once you upload your customer contacts to NetBlaze, our SmartRoute technology will identify where you need the most positive reviews and send requests for reviews automatically on your behalf periodically to your customers. Any negative reviews are captured prior to sending to review sites, and the feedback sent directly to you first to handle helping avoid negative feedback from being posted.


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