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NetBlaze gives your company an online advantage of doing 20% of the work, to get 80% of the results. We are on a mission to help small businesses get the online marketing help that they need, in an easy to use platform and at an affordable price. 

NetBlaze will continuously develop off-site SEO content for your business (citations, backlinks, etc.) every month that links back to your company’s website helping increase the likelihood of your website ranking higher in search results when someone is searching for a business or service like yours. 

We create 8 curated posts for you per month. In addition, you can use Netblaze to create and schedule your own social media posts.

The NetBlaze Social Media tool allows you to create your posts in one place and publish to your connected Social Media accounts simultaneously. You can choose to post to just one platform or to several with every post you create. Our tool allows you to connect your Facebook Page, your Instagram account, your Google My Business account, and your LinkedIn account without the need to share your passwords with anyone With every post you create you can simply select which platform(s) you want to send your newly created post to with just a couple of clicks. Create your post just once and send it to up to 4 social media platforms all from the convenience of your NetBlaze account.

Netblaze allows you to quickly and easily email and/or text your customers through our platform. This will require you to upload a list of your customer contacts into NetBlaze or email it directly to us. Once your list is uploaded into NetBlaze, you will have the ability to manage and communicate with your customers.

Once you upload your customer contacts, we take on the heavy lifting by routinely checking in with your customers and asking them to leave you an online review. Currently NetBlaze supports Google, Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor.  All review requests go through a customized process where a user clicks on a thumbs up or thumbs down option. Thumbs up we send them to the review site. Thumbs down and we send the user to a custom feedback form where results are sent directly to you avoiding the review site altogether.

There are never any guarantees when it comes to search rankings and the results depend on many factors that are often even out of our control. That being said, on average, clients tend to see significant improvements in their search rankings within 3-6 months of partnering with NetBlaze

The NetBlaze team would be happy to help with this. Contact us today for support at : Alternatively, here is a  PDF guide that explains the steps.

In order to get the most out of NetBlaze, we suggest you have a website and a Google My Business Page. Once you have both of these, you’re ready to use NetBlaze !

Start your free trial now here Complete the simple registration process to begin your  free trial and get access to NetBlaze immediately. Once you are inside just follow the steps in the Setup Wizard to get your account fully ready to go and start enjoying the benefits of NetBlaze today.

Absolutely! Netblaze has an amazing team who are happy to answer any questions and explain how Netblaze can help your business. Click here to book a call today! 

The Netblaze team would be happy to show you how the suite of digital marketing tools works. Book a call here to request a demo. 

As a NetBlaze customer you have access to our in app Wizard and can always reach out to one of our team members at any time for additional assistance.   Our support team can be reached at any time by emailing

NetBlaze bills you month to month (but only after your free trial has expired) with no long term commitments. You can cancel anytime prior to your billing date to avoid being charged further.

NetBlaze focuses on the local small business and thus local SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) not national.