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How to Boost Sales Using Instagram

How to Boost Sales Using Instagram

Instagram is now one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with over one billion monthly active users from regular people, photographers, artists, bloggers, content writers, marketers, and business owners.

Instagram’s concept is more on aesthetics, giving aspiring photographers and content creators to tell their stories through photos. Instagram can provide you with a unique audience to reach from other social platforms. 

Create an efficient strategy to keep your followers and increase your niche impact with informative content to gain enough engagement. We are going to share with you the basics of optimizing your business on Instagram.

Business Profile

You need to create a business profile on Instagram by tapping on “Switch to Business Profile”. The business profile of Instagram will provide your followers with an easy way to contact, just like a website.

You can advertise without Facebook’s advertising tools, access insights to check your content performance with your audience. Just like Facebook, the insights provide you data analytics of your audience’s behavior such as impressions, engagement data, and many more. Audience demographics such as gender, age, location, and most active hours of your followers are also provided.


One of Instagram’s features is Instagram Stories. You can take advantage of this to increase your followers and make them buy your product and service.

You can feature different kinds of content like photos, short video, live video, or Boomerangs that can be created through Instagram Stories. However, the viewing window of these Instagram Stories lasts only for 24 hours from the time you posted them. Don’t worry, it is automatically archived for future reference. But you can save them in your Story Highlights album which can last longer. Most businesses use the Story Highlights to post something about their offerings like FAQs, price lists, location, or customer feedback.


With the explosion of TikTok, Instagram rolled out their own similar style of posting called “Reels.” Reels allows users to create a 15 or 30 video, but what sets Reels apart from Stories is that Reels have a better potential for organic reach and organic impressions.


Aside from bloggers, the rise of Influencers is dominating on Instagram. Influencer marketing offers more specific products/services which most of the time influence their followers to buy it. People always follow the suggestions of influential persons. 

Start identifying Influencers in your niche to get a better understanding of how you can pitch your products to them. Do some research and find out their details, preferences, beliefs, and social media clout. Many Influencers cannot promote your products/services well, even though they have thousands of followers.

User-Generated Posts

Another important technique to boost your sales is using their posts to influence people to buy your products. When people see other common people are using your product, they will highly likely become your customers.

Also, it is the easiest way of creating content for your social media marketing without spending time and money. So, ask your customers to take high-quality images with your product and send them to your account.

You can kill two birds with a single stone. Many people want to be seen on important pages and become a famous person. When you use their photos on your page, they will share them with their connections, which will bring more followers. Of course, you should choose photos meticulously to match the tone of your content.

Scheduled Posting

If you analyze and understand Instagram Insights, you can maximize your schedule of posting according to the audience traffic per day and time.

One of the worst mistakes you can make on Instagram is posting without any certain schedule. If your followers face your advertisements on their news feed whenever they go online, they will find it too spammy.

A healthy balance of content concepts on identified days and time is a good idea for posting. Take note of the peak days and hours of the days within the week when your target people are online.

Creative Content

Content is king. All your content must be something new, creative, and informative. A curated Instagram feed also generates followers.

You cannot broadcast your brand without good content. You should consider bicycling your content concepts to attract your audience’s attention. Creativity is the key to reach such influential content affecting the mind of your audience.

Your posts must be aligned with the brand and product you are selling. You can’t post all about selling all the time. You can post something inspirational one day, then sell your product the next day. 

Since Instagram is a visual platform, invest in good high-quality photos and creative graphics in your posts so that your audience will be curious and would visit your account. Let’s not forget to use witty and creative captions and hashtags. Engage your followers effectively by replying to comments or liking them.

Now you know all the things you need to do with your Instagram account, make the most of this free tool to know how followers are engaging with your content. Your Instagram account is essential for your social media marketing strategy and for boosting your business.

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