Imagery and Social Media

Why is imagery important to your social media? Each platform has a different and unique aspect that could help grow your business. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed are geared towards professionals. Other platforms like Instagram and Facebook are good for promoting products and educating the public. Apps such as Twitter, are mainly used for quick news and entertainment. Depending on your business, you should determine what sort of social media platform you’d like to utilize.  

Why is it important to have social media for your business in the first place? There are many reasons why you should sign up for multiple platforms to help promote your services. The main reason being that it keeps you relevant. 

Imagery is one of the most important parts of setting the tone of your business. When consumers see an image, it evokes an emotion. Many different factors go into determining the sort of emotions and responses you want your followers to feel. Certain colors, landscapes, people, and even patterns can be a huge factor. For example, Facebook users upload an average of 350 million photos a day. 84% of posts with photos receive more click-throughs than posts without a photo.

 There are many different kinds of images to choose from when creating your content marketing strategy. Stock photos, User-generated content, and street style imagery are just a few of those categories to choose from. 

Stock photos are professional photos that are usually licensed for specific uses. These photos are used to enhance the impact of different content targeted to various audiences. If you want to catch the viewer’s eye, you must use images, and stock photos are a very convenient resource for this. 

Another kind of imagery is user-generated content. This is a popular choice for platforms like Facebook. There are images from people who have used your service or product and have shared their experiences through social media. This gives them the power to influence others to become fans, and later consumers of the brand. 

 Lastly, street style images are another type of imagery that businesses often use for their social media. Street style photos are typically candids taken of people, places, or things. This creates relatable content because it conveys trends, styles, and products in a real-life context. Street style imagery is a popular choice for successful e-commerce platforms such as ASOS, boohoo, and Graziashop. These images portray authenticity and real-life people. It gives consumers a good idea of how the product or service will be conveyed in a real-life situation, which in turn will make your product or service more desirable in their eyes. 

Choosing the proper imagery for your brands’ social media is incredibly important. From the type of images that you post, to the platforms that you’re posting them on. Paying attention to detail will be incredibly beneficial to you in the long run. Researchers state that humans have a much greater response and a more meaningful reaction to imagery than to text. This is why various businesses use these 3 types of images to help them create their content. Using the right imagery can increase your visibility on social media and can help you grow your brand. Being vigilant and efficient about your brand’s social media shouldn’t be an afterthought. By choosing the right images, you have the power to inspire your followers and educate them on your business and its brand.