Pinterest’s New Marketing Tools

Pinterest’s New Marketing Tools

Pinterest began life as a social site where users could collect and share images of things they loved or wanted. Today, though, Pinterest is a visual search engine that’s second only to Google – a blend of social media, ecommerce and SEO features that boasts around 250 million users worldwide. And because a majority of those users purchase products seen on the site, a variety of native and third party marketing tools make it easy for brands of all kinds to find an audience, build a brand, and sell more products on Pinterest.

Pinterest is organized around a system of boards, where users can “pin” images of all kinds. Each pin allows space for adding a description or other information about the pinned image. Users can follow each other, comment on pins, and repin them to their own boards. Anyone can open a Pinterest account, but for marketers and retailers, Pinterest offers a Business account option that offers access to specialized features such as analytics and advertising.

Pinterest’s Native Marketing Tools

To boost the value of product pins and make purchasing easy, Pinterest offers a variety of pin types. Rich Pins allow users to add extra information about a product to any pin description. Product Pins feature product information such as price, size or availability, and can include a link to the retailer’s site to make a purchase. Buyable pins include all the features of Product Pins, plus a payment option for making a purchase right from the pin itself. Users can also stash products in a shopping bag for later purchasing. Promoted Pins can be selected for use in Pinterest ad campaigns.

Pinterest’s pin options are part of a larger set of free marketing tools that includes pin badges, widgets for use on brand websites, tools for running ad campaigns, and comprehensive analytics. More specialized tools are also available from third party developers.

Specialized Tools For Specific Needs

To help marketers get the most out of Pinterest, outside developers have created a variety of free or premium tools for tasks such as scheduling pins, optimizing pins for search, and designing pins for posting. These include Canva, a free online image editor with Pinterest-specific templates, Tailwind, a scheduling app that posts pins at optimal times, and Pingroupie, a tool for finding relevant group boards to join.

Pinterest can bring in three times more traffic than any other social sharing site – and brands of all kinds can build an audience and make more sales with Pinterest’s many marketing tools.


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