The Art of Persuasion: Six Ways Small Businesses Influence Customers

Most businesses need to build a general set of skills related to sales and marketing to acquire and retain customers. After looking at a short list of habits that actually work regarding customer influence, there are really just a few simple ways that small businesses are able to consistently reach those who become their best customers and come back for repeated business.

These six principles come from Dr. Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. This is a great read for those who wish to increase their sales and revenue through proven small business marketing strategies and ideas.

1 – Reciprocity

People will be loyal to businesses who they feel are going out of their way to help them and provide a superior product. They will return the favor by keeping their business with you rather than competitors. This is demonstrated by Netblaze in features such as superior customer service interaction through social media. Customers will increase their engagement with a business that actually cares enough to interact with them and help them consistently.

2 – Commitment and Consistency

A business should follow through on any promises it makes to customers such as delivering on time or promising a certain result. In the sense of internet marketing, this is often demonstrated through things such as reviews of satisfied customers who would actually recommend a business to others based on their consistency. Netblaze does in fact help with review management and makes it easier for satisfied customers to tell others about your high level of commitment to customer satisfaction.

3 – Social Proof

People will be drawn to businesses that already demonstrate a certain level of success through consistent interest. In other words, people are interested in businesses that already have a working formula and generates buzz with the general public. Netblaze can assist with keeping a presence on the web and social media that is both active and engaged in meaningful ways.

5 – Authority

Authority can be scaled to be local, national, or statewide depending on the business. Customers need to feel like they are in touch with experts in their field. This is way of decreasing competition if only a few select businesses are authorities. Customers will tend obey authorities even when they are not necessarily the best if they manage their image in the correct way. This is an important step to rise above your competitors even without changing the actual product or service that is delivered. The reputation management services of Netblaze are crucial to create an image that commands respect.

6 – Scarcity

Most customers will need to feel like they are getting some kind of limited offer or a service that is in high demand. Scarcity is one way to make a product or service seem valuable because it is not routinely available. An obvious example in sales in when an offer is discounted for a limited time before it expires. Netblaze can provide various kinds of flash sales or other limited offers through email, text, and social media to get customers buying before the “scarce” offer ends.

Implement these tactics for your business today

Marketing experts at Netblaze can implement tactics like the ones discussed above to show real results for your business. Please get in touch to find out more today and increase your revenue by persuading customers with the right psychological tools.