Why it’s important to support small businesses.

It is extremely important to support the small businesses in your community, especially during these times. It not only benefits you, but it benefits your neighborhood as a whole. There are about 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S. Those small businesses create about 1.5 million jobs nationwide!

So what are the benefits that local businesses impose on your community? On average, every $100 that you spend at a small business, roughly $68 is put back into the community. How does that work? Your local businesses are much more likely to utilize other small businesses in the area, such as banks, food vendors, and service providers. This allows everyone in the community to prosper and creates a living for your neighbors and friends. Another added benefit is the jobs that your local businesses will provide. Creating new jobs is extremely important, especially during these times where so many people are unemployed. Your local and small businesses will most likely hire within the community, allowing more jobs and opportunities for everyone. An added bonus that you might personally find from shopping small is the security in knowing exactly where your products come from. The small business that you’re shopping at most likely uses locally sourced products, which reduces their carbon footprint. Locally sourced products also are usually made up of more quality and reliable materials then those that are mass produced. Independent businesses provide authentic and genuine products that reflect directly on the owner of the business. You can take solace in knowing that the owner is passionate about what they are selling to you. By supporting their business, you’re also supporting their dream.

So how do you show a local business your support? By simply choosing to contribute to their business instead of choosing a large chain corporation you’re supporting your locally owned businesses. There are also so many ways to contribute to small businesses. Some great ways to support independent businesses during these times are leaving online reviews, buying gift cards, engaging in their social media by liking, commenting and sharing their posts.

Times right now are incredibly difficult, and a lot of businesses are suffering. Your local businesses could use your support now more than ever. You don’t have to do much to show your support, every little bit helps right now for these businesses. At the end of the day, small businesses are an integral part of a sound community. They create jobs, boost the economy, and provide a trustworthy service that you can rely on. They ultimately pave the way for new small business owners !