Why Your Business’ Online Reputation Is So Important

Why Your Business’ Online Reputation Is So Important?

Whether you realize it or not, there is a strong likelihood that your small business already has an online reputation. Chances are that at least one former customer has taken to social media or used one of the online review board to share their opinion of your goods or services.

You may be asking yourself why this matters, especially if you operate a small, local business. It makes a difference because it matters to your customers. Recent studies show that 82 percent of consumers with smartphones, perform some type of online research before making an in-store purchase.

The reality is that these consumers will make a judgment about your business based on these online reviews. Unfortunately, just one bad online review not dealt with appropriately could destroy your company’s reputation in just a matter of days. The good news is that developing a strategy to build a positive online reputation offers a wide range of benefits.

1. Build Trust with Customer

The internet provides an excellent platform for businesses to connect with their customers. You can use this medium to build trust with your customers through a wide range of marketing strategies, such as posting product information on the company website, answering customer questions on social media, or addressing a poor review on one of the online review sites. When done correctly, you can use the internet to put more information into the hands of the consumer, which can help to show transparency and build trust.

2. Increase Online Visibility

Actively developing a robust online reputation can also increase your company’s online visibility. For example, enticing your customers to leave an online review can increase the chances of your company being viewed by potential customers. Social media is another great medium to help build your online reputation and improve your online visibility. In fact, 78 percent of consumers say that they have learned about a new company or its goods via Facebook.

3. Create Brand Ambassadors

One of the best advantages of building a strong online reputation is that it can help you create brand ambassadors. These aren’t just repeat customers – these are your ideal customers. The ones that aren’t shy about spreading the word about how great your goods or services are. These are the customers that actively advocate for your business and entice new customers to do business with your company. Having a visible online presence can provide these brand evangelists a platform to promote your company.

4. Increase in Sales

Studies show that customers buy from companies they trust. These statistics suggest that the better your online reputation, the more people will buy from your company. Ultimately, a positive online reputation can help to increase sales through both online or in-store purchases. Best of all, striving to maintain a solid online reputation will help to create repeat buyers, which will also help to boost sales and improve your company’s bottom line.

5. Grow Business

While one negative online review can literally destroy your company’s reputation, a positive online presence can help you grow your business. Once you have established a strong online presence, you can use these platforms to promote new products, advertise sales items, and announce special events. These strategies can significantly extend the reach of your promotion and get the word out in the community about your business.

Customers are probably already talking about your business online. You have the option of allowing these comments to shape the reputation of your company or to take proactive steps to establish a strong, positive online reputation. One puts your business at risk, while the other one can boost sales and help you take your business to the next level.

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