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Why your Company Needs its own Hashtag

Why Your Company Needs Its Own Hashtag

What is a hashtag?

Hashtags are a word or phrase lumped together with a pound sign or number sign (#) at the beginning. This will make your post searchable on the world wide web. 

Users can tag photos or videos with a hashtag symbol followed by a word or phrase, such as #Netblaze. This will index your hashtagged post similar to the related posts. It will make the search easier for the hashtag creator to monitor the traffic of your hashtag.

Here are 4 reasons why companies should use hashtags to their advantage:

1. Promotion

You can drive awareness of your business by using hashtags. For example, you throw in a custom hashtag with non-branded ones, people can find you through any of the others. Non-specific hashtags group your photos, videos, and other posts on unrelated topics. 

When a hashtag falls into a broad category, you become visible to people with a shared interest in a particular topic. These same people might have an interest in your products or services too. This wouldn’t be a primary source of leads, but it can generate some new ones.

You can distinguish your business by creating a tag that’s unique and customized for your brand. This will set yourself apart from the competition. Create an air of enthusiasm and excitement by thinking outside the box to show your brand personality. You make it known that you have claimed a place in your industry and you are driven about what you do—both online and offline.

The customized hashtag makes you stand out because it is uncommon. It can spark a person’s interest and cause them to visit your account. Using a specific hashtag or a customized one makes you more visible to people who are interested in your niche by searching a related hashtag.

2. Conversation

A website or a URL leads you to the company’s website while a Hashtag allows people to use it in everyday conversations on social media. The hashtag allows you to track the conversation and get a better idea of what the market is saying and how you can maximize that information. Sometimes, a creative way of doing a hashtag is making a phrase for others to fill in the blanks. It can also be part of a sentence so it will look like it fits perfectly.

Additionally, a customized hashtag will allow you to reach a wider audience outside of your followers. You can get involved in current discussions within your industry and encourage others to join as well. Your relevant posts and tweets will be grouped under those same tags where you will appear and this will make your brand more credible.

3. Targeting

There are marketing tools that allow companies to target specific markets based on hashtags. For example, if you want to target people looking for new homes you can use the hashtag #newhome. The advantage of this strategy is it allows you to pick out the individuals who are most likely to be using social networks. 

You can also remove a significant amount of competition. Go on a specific route so that you are not competing to be recognized for a broad term in a large pool of others trying to do the same thing. You have to fight far fewer competitors for the attention of potential leads.

Attract people that were previously out of reach if you use hashtags relevant to or appropriate for your business can allow them to find you.

4. Relevance

Just because the hashtag is trending does not mean it is a good idea to join the bandwagon. You must make sure that it makes sense or has a relation to your business. Otherwise, it will just confuse your current followers and you fail to attract new traffic from interested parties.

Choose wisely to show to your current followers and new potential social media leads that you know their interests and what matters to them. Keep your ear on the ground and understand their social media behaviors, likes, and interests.

Given the reasons above why your company needs its hashtag, this can help you achieve specific business and marketing goals. It is expected that some may not provide your expected ROI or may not align with the goals you have. 

The hashtags that make the most sense for your business and contribute to the success of your marketing strategy are the most valuable.

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